balinese cow bone necklace

Bali is a paradise for shoppers including buying high-quality accessories such as cow bone necklace from this island of the Gods. The charming traditional culture of the island whose focus on aesthetics means that locally produced crafts, textiles, and art are everywhere.

Bali is a tourist center with products from all over Indonesia and Asia easily found at low prices, while for decades cosmopolitan visitors have contributed to this growing fashion scene.

The cost of living is low, and so is the price, which allows savvy travelers to enjoy the best without damaging the wallet. Traditional shops and markets offer flexible prices, allowing the best deals for those who have bargaining skills, while most shops offer very low fixed prices so there is no need to bargain.

The Balinese Cow Bone Necklace is a handmade product

In addition, boutiques with all kinds of high-quality brands, the price offered is still commensurate with the quality offered. Another thing is that all accessories are handmade, not factory-made so that a touch of art is in every work.

Bali is famous for many things including hospitality and a high artistic spirit. Even the most exclusive high-class products will be cheaper than what you will pay elsewhere, especially in Europe, Australia, Korea, and Japan. Silverworks, handicrafts, artworks and paintings, fashion & clothing, furniture and decor items, soap, coffee, cloth and horn and bone accessories are all in Bali.

It is recommended to plan and find out what Bali has to offer when it comes to shopping. Many tourists realize a little too late how Bali is a shopping paradise. They arrived, went two or three streets near their hotel and bought what they saw and liked.

But as they went around, they realized the true dimension of what Bali has to offer. At that time the suitcase may be full of goods or the budget is gone. Don’t forget you can rent a car with a driver for less than the US $ 50 a day to help you shop.

Balinese Cow Bone Necklace is must-have items

With so many shopping choices in every quality and style, visitors will not be able to buy all of them and hence must remember some “must-have” items that make a trip to Bali complete.

For smaller souvenirs, gifts, crafts, and paintings of wood and metal cannot be beaten and Bali is the source. For drinks, a bag of Balinese coffee is worth buying, as well as premium coffee from Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi, or the famous civet coffee. Those who like stronger drinks can buy a bottle of brem (palm wine) or arak (liquor made from rice).

Beach lovers will buy beach sarongs that are available with thousands of designs and colors for only a few dollars (mostly $ 5-10US). Traditional clothing, such as Balinese Udeng headdresses and safari shirts and elegant kebaya dresses for women are also good choices. Bali is also famous for funny shirts, often featuring cartoons by local artists, and these can be found both in souvenir shops and in the streets of Kuta, as well as surf clothing.

In Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and Ubud you will find hundreds of shops selling beautifully designed clothing and accessories from talented local and international designers. Certainly do not miss international famous brands such as Mango, Zara who open outlets in department stores and malls.

Naturally in Bali, you can explore shops of any brand that you may be familiar with. Branded shops from Quiksilver, Oakley is fun to visit along Sunset Road. Textiles from all over Indonesia, such as batik prints and ikat fabrics, are a must for buyers who will not visit other regions in Indonesia. Silver jewelry in traditional and modern designs is sold at very low prices and high-quality bone necklace and horn necklaces can be found if you visit Bali.