Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace

Horn chain necklace is one of the most sought-after jewelers by jewelry lovers. But the thing to know is that many people think that the necklace is made of cow bone, but basically, it is made of buffalo and cow horn. From the beautiful and charming Princess Cleopatra adorned with sparkling jewelry due to her royal status, to famous artists such as Marilyn Monroe singing about jewelry.


All of that has become a best friend not only for a girl but also a friend to the ring finger of famous players like Al Pacino also wears jewelry. Throughout history, women and men always wear and love jewelry and always proven to be a part of human history. One million years ago, also around the time clothing and equipment began to be used, jewelry became part of human culture.


Jewelry is made from raw materials such as animal skins, fur, plants, bones, to horn material and anything that can be found in nature. Over time and technological advances, people began to design and create sophisticated jewelry. These pieces of jewelry have a big influence on culture and therefore tell a lot about the time they were made.


Every man and woman in Ancient Egypt, from the richest to the poorest, they all are wearing jewelry as a means to protect themselves from the enemy. This reflects how the people since ancient times have paid attention to making it appear attractive. In the Middle Ages, only the richest were able to buy jewelry because it was used as a symbol of nobility. This reflects the hierarchical structure of society in the middle Ages.


In India, besides necklaces, women wear earrings for various scientific reasons. For example, earrings are worn by women because they believe that the pressure points in the right ear that connect the brain, bladder and kidney. If the earrings are the right amount of weight to be pressed at the pressure point, then the organ is said to remain healthy.


Furthermore, women whose nose is pricked are said to experience less pain during childbirth. The use of this jewelry reflects the scientific and spiritual connection of Indian culture.


Why Men and Women Wear Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace

We all wearing jewelry every day for different reasons. Your favorite watch, the perfect pair of diamond earrings, or your most luxurious necklace, you name it. Each part has a different meaning and purpose in the life of a man or woman. John-Paul Flintoff, a writer for the Sunday Times, stated that he wore jewelry to give the impression of “sentimentality, family pride, and a little desire to show off.”


The reason why do Men and Women wear Buffalo Horn Chain Necklace

  1. for Fashion

Jewelry can be worn as an accessory to add or complete clothing. This is a way for men and women to fully express the soul and sense of their inner fashion tastes and show off their style. Jewelry can also be used as a way to show off clothes and statement expressions. This simple all-black outfit turns into something more advanced with an intricate silver necklace as part of the statement.


  1. To show off

Humans do the same thing with jewelry. This is a way to show off and attract the attention of potential partners they like by wearing jewelry.


  1. To show Social Status

The Queen of England is adorned with all her beautiful jewels and crowns for a reason which is to show her social status. Jewelry can be a determinant of male or female social status. In modern times, for example, when you see a man or woman wearing diamonds, gold or precious gemstones that means they can buy luxury items. This is a sign of high social status.


  1. for Self-Expression

You can wear funky jewelry when you feel funky and elegant jewelry when you feel elegant. Jewelry is a great way to show the world how you really feel and who you are inside. Jewelry is also used as a form of religious self-expression. For example, when you see a man or woman wearing a cross, it expresses their religious beliefs. Those are some of the reasons why women and men like to use Horn chain necklaces and other types of jewelry.