How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry
How to take care horn jewelry is not too difficult because the uniqueness of the horn necklace is not to rust or turn green like costume jewelry or plastic in general. But not all women have horn necklaces, they also have jewelry made from imitation material so it is necessary to know how to treat it.

How to Take Care The Horn Jewelry and Other Materials

How to take care horn jewelry needs to be known as a customer. Horn necklace is one of the accessories that have a fairly high exchange value either in value or the value of art. Aside from being jewelry, horn necklaces are certainly also one form for collections that can be passed on to the next generation either to the children or relatives.

Here will be explained how to clean the necklace from imitation material:

1. Clean with lemon

Please use lemon to clean the costume jewelry. As we know lemons have long been used to clean up the oxide layers that form on metal surfaces. To give more effect, you can add a little baking soda along with the lemon. Lemon is a natural acid and rubbing jewelry with a piece of lemon can speed up the cleaning process and remove impurities, especially those that appear green because of the dirt that sticks.

Another way is, you can soak silver jewelry in a solution of lemon water mixed with a little salt for approximately 24 hours. Lemon in addition to cleaning costume jewelry is perfect for cleaning silver jewelry. The lemon solution rubbed on the surface of the jewelry you want to clean. After that, use a dishwasher fabric and rub it carefully.

2. Cleanse with Vinegar

You can use a solution of white vinegar and mix with water. Soak the jewelry in a vinegar solution, then use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean the corners and holes in the jewelry.

Vinegar solution can make the jewelry chain look shiny again. A soft bristled toothbrush beside not making scratched also suitable for cleaning jewelry decorated with gems because it can reach difficult gaps. In addition, you can also pour vinegar on a sponge and use it to clean the jewelry you have.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the natural ingredients that will make your jewelry even more sparkling, but don’t forget to rinse it after you finish cleaning it with olive oil. Another option is to use dental tablets which are dissolved in water. Don’t forget to soak the jewelry first for a few moments, then rub it gently using a soft toothbrush.

4. Hand washing soap

Another way is to use hand washing soap and warm water. In addition to making jewelry look clean and charming, soap also leaves a fragrant aroma in your jewelry. But remember, use as little water as possible, and don’t let the jewelry get exposed to water for too long or soaking it too long. This is because water can fade the luster of costume jewelry and will cause rust if left too long.

Don’t forget to use a cloth to clean your jewelry carefully. Water is more suitable for cleaning jewelry made of gold and decorated with gems, not for costume jewelry.

Tips that need to be noticed

You can apply clear nail polish on the jewelry surface to protect the protective layer so that the jewelry won’t turn green. This should not be applied to horn necklaces but only for costume jewelry.

How to Take Care Horn Jewelry and Other Materials

Always remove jewelry when you are near water. Don’t wash dishes, take a shower or even wash a car while wearing costume jewelry. Remove everything because if not, it will cause green marks on your skin.

Never allow jewelry to be submerged for a long time for costume jewelry because the sparkle will fade and look bleak.
Dry the jewelry immediately or specks of water will appear on the surface of the jewelry.

Soaking time is around 3 to 5 minutes. Do not forget to brush slowly using a toothbrush, not brushed hard because it will make scratches on the surface of the necklace. The use of cloth with a soft towel is strongly recommended, in addition to avoiding scratches on your horn necklace, it also avoids the occurrence of fingerprints that are still attached to the surface of the necklace

Similarly, this is how to take Care The Horn Jewelry and other materials that need to be considered for the jewelry owners.