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Considerations other than the length of the horn necklace and also the style is the shape of your face. In general, the face is divided into four namely oval, round, square and heart shaped.

The guidelines for choosing the length of the necklace and the style for most women is a matter of personal taste. However, consideration should be given to the frame of your body shape, height and neckline when choosing a long chain.

Consider combining several chains of various lengths to create a layered look if you have a tall or thin body. Bodies that are fat and short also can still use stacked necklaces, but try to form a horn necklace that is a simple shape without a lot of alloy or accessories on the necklace.

The size of the average neck circumference for adult women is between 14 and 15 inches. The measurements below show how the standard chain length is usually around the neck. If your neck circumference measurement is significantly different from 14-15 inches, you should increase or decrease the length to get a chain of horn necklaces that fall beautifully.

14 inches = Choker long necklace will sit properly around the middle of the neck. Choker horn necklaces are suitable for use on off-the-shoulder clothes.

16 inches. = A long necklace that falls on the base of your neck, just above the collarbone. This length emphasizes the neckline and is best for those who have a slim to moderate body.

18 inches. = A long necklace that sits along the collarbone. These necklaces are the most common and popular choice for women. For those who have broad shoulders, it is suitable to wear a necklace like this.

24 inches = This matinee long necklace has a more dramatic length.

30-36 inches = Long opera necklace that hangs under the breast and is usually combined with beads or pearls. The Opera long necklace can be worn long or folded twice to form a double strand necklace.

Selling horn necklace and face shapes in choosing a necklace

Round faces can wear a long horn necklace, of course keeping in mind, the height, neck, and size of the body wearing the necklace. If you have a round face, you certainly want to choose a horn necklace that has a longer string shape, maybe with a pendant, ideally something that creates an impression of V when looking at the overall appearance of your face.

You should avoid the round choker because it will make your round face look more rounded. The opposite recommendation applies to a heart-shaped face. The round shape of the choker will make the face look plainer and form a perfect heart angle.

If your face is rectangular, it also benefits from the round shape of the choker, so it is strongly recommended to use the face choker.

So chokers look good for many facial shapes. But what if you are wearing a turtleneck all the time? Then the choker is not for you. Turtle neck clothes are not suitable when paired with a choker necklace.

It should be underlined that not only the face shape needs to be considered but also the shape of the clothes to be worn, whether it supports or even removes the beautiful impression of your face and appearance.

Horn Necklace and Guidance on choosing a necklace based on your Clothing Collection

Your daily wardrobe is also an important part when you decide what necklace to wear. When you want to use a turtleneck, a necklace with a chain strap or long beads will look good with a turtleneck for most women. But if your body shape is short or rather fat, you should avoid clothes with a turtle neck style.

After you decide what you are going to use, make sure the length of the necklace you choose can add to the overall look and improve your appearance.

There are many things to consider when you really equip yourself if you decide to wear a necklace. We have talked about the type of neck, face and body, and a little about how your clothes will push the part you choose.

All things should be considered before making a decision about the style of the necklace or the type of clothing you will use. Only you can really decide whether the necklace will really be the perfect necklace for you and lift your identity, not cover your beauty.

This needs to be noticed not only for the one who wears the horn necklace but also the one who is going to give it as a gift.