Tips for Choosing a Necklace (5)

How to make the style look classy can be helped by knowing tips for choosing a necklace that suits them according to many things such as the shape of the collar, character, color of clothes, complementary accessories, body shape, and other supporting factors. How do you wear a necklace attached to the neck after being matched together will say many things about yourself as a person.

Jewelry especially necklaces have a very big role because they can make or break the clothes you wear and your overall appearance. Wearing too little jewelry can make you look neat, pale and plain, but stacking it up and stacking it randomly can attract unwanted attention because it will look strange to the viewers who see it.

To make your appearance classy and elegant, here are the rules that must be followed and need to be considered when wearing fine jewelry in the form of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other knick-knacks.

What Needs to Look for While Looking on Tips for Choosing a Necklace

1. In a stack based on shape and size
The uniqueness of jewelry is because it can mix and match, but be careful because it can have a snowball effect from there. We recommend that you always remember to maintain the balance of the style so that the impression you want to display can be created as you wish. This includes pairing a chunky-sized bracelet with a small bracelet with a thin and delicate shape and mixing short and long necklaces together.

2. Select one part of the necklace to be made as to the statement that you want to display.
If you decide on one form of a necklace with an unusual model with a model that is quite ordinary then the rest should be softer motifs and shapes.

If you wear a statement choosing a necklace, don’t forget to wear earrings with a simple model or no earrings at all. This applies the same rules for statement earrings and bracelets. But for rings, however, is another field altogether. A ring that can dare to match the statement earrings is right, but make sure they don’t clash with each other, try one theme.

3. Know how to wear jewelry in the form of a set
Matching your necklace to your ring and bracelet needs to be noticed. Adding necklaces and bracelets that are suitable if not part of the set, however, is excessive. Choose pieces that coordinate and complement each other to create a stylish and cohesive look.

4. Mixing various types of metals
Metal mixing is a stylish and contemporary way to enhance your look. If you decide to wear a gold and white gold necklace together, it should be avoided unless the shape and model of the jewelry are similar and complementary. For example, the heart shape is solid with other heart size shapes, or flower and leaf shapes will be good if combined.

5. Mixing fine jewelry and costumes are recommended.
Contemporary costume jewelry designers make beautiful pieces that will be combined with more luxurious pieces. The key is to create a stylish high-low balance. Jackie Kennedy Onassis often combines costume pieces with non-costume jewelry. She makes it still look elegant by choosing a sophisticated design that does not conflict with the jewelry that will be combined.

6. Accessories for every occasion
For everyday clothes, use finer and more versatile pieces such as pearls or pendant model necklaces. Diamonds were once considered part of the night, but today, it depends on the part and size. Always ask yourself where you went, what you did, and what the dress code was before buying jewelry or accessories.

7. Add manicure in appearance
A thick ring can add much-needed detail to your clothes, but it will also make your fingers look especially attractive in this regard. Make a balanced look by making sure your nails are clean and smooth. If you decide to add color, choose a simple tone or something that complements the color of your ring as well as your necklace and bracelet. Thus the tips for choosing a necklace that can be noticed in matching so it is beautiful to see.

Tips for Choosing a Necklaces for Woman