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History of Wijsman Butter and Wijsman Butter Price Jakarta

History of Wijsman Butter and Wijsman Butter Price Jakarta

wijsman butter price Jakarta

Ask any Indonesian who is familiar with baking or likes to eat koekjes or cakes, they will know about the legendary wijsman butter. This makes many people want to know wijsman butter price Jakarta and its surroundings because of their love for the butter. H.J. Wijsman en Zonen has been producing canned butter since 1846. To this day they produce canned butter in exactly the same way as the ancient tradition. Interesting to know that this particular butter is specially made to survive the tropical climate. On their web page they say that it is: “Canned butter for trouble-free use in tropical countries”.

It is said that butter was first exported to Indonesia in 1900, which is when they found a recipe for butter that can withstand a little heat. At that time, they transported this butter into wooden barrels and a special cooling system using ice cubes. Another special ingredient that is unique to the Netherlands is ‘Edammer’ or Edam cheese.

Cheese is traditionally made in the port city of Edam since the 12th century. If you are familiar with this cheese, you will recognize the red wax (paraffin) like this cheese ball wrapper. It was first used in the 14th century and the red Edammer was used to mark cheeses for export overseas. The paraffin wrapping allows the cheese to survive long trips overseas. There are also ingredients that give a strong character and are very important in the South / Southeast Asia region, namely sugar and spices. This is what makes Edam cheese typical of the Netherlands and spices from Indonesia.

A Brief History Of Wijsman and Wijsman Butter Price Jakarta

Wijsman is a supplier of canned butter since 1846, and is thus the oldest company in the Wijsman Group of companies. In 1900 the first butter was exported to Indonesia, in wooden barrels, as cans were not available at that time. Also temperature controlled transport is not comparable to the transport facilities they can use today. The barrels are cooled in a large chamber with many large ice cubes surrounding the butter. Many developments took place in the meantime and after 1945 butter was canned.

The family business was located in Amsterdam for more than a decade and moved to Wijk en Aalburg in 1973, where it still serves as its office. Canned wijsman butter is a product to be proud of, with a very long history. Its popularity has grown since then and wijsman always guarantees outstanding quality and service for its products. Besides wijsman butter, there is a well-known brand of butter from France, namely bordier butter. This butter is very delicious and even claimed as the best butter in the world by many culinary experts in the world.

History of Border Butter and Wijsman Butter Price Jakarta

Bordier butter, made in the Brittany region of France, is probably the best butter in the world. Unfortunately it is made in small quantities and sold almost exclusively in France. So why tell you about it? Firstly, if you are going to France for a vacation, we recommend that you look for it, and buy a package, along with a baguette, and take it back to your hotel room for a snack. Better yet, if you have rented an apartment, buy some to cook. It will be a joy in itself.

And secondly, even if you can’t make it to France to try this flavor-dense butter, we think it’s a good thing to be reminded that the craftsmen out there insist on setting very high standards for ingredients that are too easy to make. Without thinking. Like butter you can buy it periodically and put it in the freezer when you need it for some recipes. How long has it been that we no longer notice that it tastes like fatty wax?

So let us tell you about borderier butter. This butter was made by Jean Yves Bordier, the son of a cheesemaker who aspired to be a sailor and instead joined his family business in the seaside town of St. shame. He buys cream from a nearby farmer and produces butter in small batches, finishing each with an added and unconventional kneading step. For this, he uses a tool with a wooden blade that gives butter a dense, almost chewy texture, different from the waxy coating we know from butters like Land O’Lakes. Even when refrigerated, borderline butter never hardens completely, no doubt because of the large amount of butterfat. And the taste, rich in taste and very soft on the tongue. Very complicated. Soft and strong.

Jean Yves Bordier makes butter in more than ten flavors, some of which are unexpected but actually inspired for home cooking: Sweet, semi-salty (which in the United States is salted butter), 4% salty (salter), smoked salt, Espelette (peppers spicy smoked), garlic with fresh herbs and Szechwan pepper, lemon-olive oil, seaweed, yuzu, raspberry, and sweet Madagascar vanilla. Seaweed is a good choice with fish, garlic with grilled meat or vegetables, and raspberries and vanilla go great with breakfast foods like pancakes or muffins.

When you’re on vacation in Paris, you can spend a lot of time exploring the markets and cooking in the kitchen of the rented apartment. Espelette is one of my favorite spices because of its warm, smoky taste, you can buy Morbier dark red Espelette butter and use it one night to give a shimmer to tender haricots verts, and another night to make a simple dip for grilled chicken. Again, you can see how something as mundane as a bowl of steamed chickpeas can be extraordinary if the chickpeas are fresh and flavorful and the butter is the best you can find.

Knowing that you likely won’t be able to buy bordier butter once you get home, it inspires you to step up your efforts when buying butter, looking for better and adding flavor by taking the example of Jean Yves Bordier who kneading flavors, like adding butter or grated lemon zest and onion white.

But if you’re headed to Paris, put borderier bread and butter on your to-do list. This will be another way to inspire and educate your taste buds. You can find butter or butter bordiers at many well-known food markets, cheese shops and traiteurs, including Vérot charcuterie at 3 Notre Dame des Champs and at La Grande Epicerie in Le Bon Marché, both in the 6th arrondissement. For a package of 250 grams the price is about 3.50 euros. Indeed, the price is quite high, but it is worth the taste you will experience while enjoying it. But if you can’t find it, you can buy butter or wijsman butter which is easier to get and don’t forget the wijsman butter price Jakarta is certainly higher than you buy it in Europe like in France.


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